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Reed ColemanReed Coleman
Broker/President "Southwest Realty Advisors, LLC"
 Founder Texas Agent Sponsor

Hello! My name is Reed Coleman and I am the President of Southwest Realty Advisors, LLC and founder of "The Original", and often imitated TexasAgentSponsor.com.   I have been involved in various aspects of the real estate profession for the past 15 years, including but not limited to property tax services, commercial & residential   brokerage and commercial appraisal. In addition to being a Certified General licensed Real Estate Appraiser; I am also a licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Texas.   The knowledge I have obtained through my education and work experience has allowed me to create Texas Agent Sponsor and offer a low-cost sponsorship as an alternative to the more traditional brokerage firms.

When I first obtained my salesperson license years ago, I noticed many of the people taking their core classes with me were just getting their feet wet in the real estate industry. In fact, the majority of my fellow students had no previous or current employment in real estate but rather had full or part time jobs in unrelated industries. Given this there was a bit of intimidation and mis-information on their part as to how to best go about becoming sponsored by a broker while maintaining their current profession.

If this sounds familiar to you, you are not alone. This is in part why Texas Agent Sponsor was created back in 2011 and has steadily grown ever since. We strive to provide a low cost solution for licensed real estate agents in need of a sponsoring broker. By offering several low cost sponsorship plans we allow agents new to the real estate profession to ease into the industry while keeping costs down, yet still maintain their current profession. Our low overhead costs are what allow us to keep your sponsorship costs down. This is due in part to our easy to follow, straightforward and streamlined process found on our website. You'll find most of the necessary forms and required steps to get you sponsored as quickly as possible outlined here.

In addition to the cost savings Texas Agent Sponsor offers to newly licensed agents, we also provide a service for industry veterans looking to branch out and start their own business and keep more of their hard earned commissions in their pockets. This sponsorship option was created in response to conversations with agents who were tired and frustrated of high commission splits and desk fees. As a result we offer no commission splits, no desk fees and unique solutions which allow our agents to work independently, hire their own agents and brand their own business, not someone else’s.

If you have any questions regarding our services feel free to contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. We hope to provide a stepping stone on your path to success.


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