Ultimately the best references are from the agents themselves. Below are just few of the comments and testimonials our real estate agents and clients have said about their experience with us.

" I did research on sponsoring Brokers, and Reed Coleman was the Broker I chose to be my sponsor. I recently received my Broker's license, and started my own company. Reed Coleman is the greatest. He was always prompt with his responses, and I felt I had the support I needed to do business.

I highly recommend Reed Coleman to any agent who needs a Broker. He will support you, and help you in any way he can."

-Eddie P.; Camp Wood, Texas

My time with Reed Coleman and Southwest Realty Advisors LLC has been rewarding and beneficial in so many ways. Always available for guidance and support, I am very grateful that I found Southwest Realty Advisors LLC and look forward to many more successful days together.

-Tami M.; Odessa, Texas

" After about a year with a big name franchise and losing 40-50% of every commission on top of my required monthly fees transferring my license to Southwest Realty Advisors was a no brainer. Reed has been very helpful whenever I have questions. He is quick to respond to all of my inquires, and the low monthly fees while allowing you to maintain 100% of your commissions is the best. I would recommend Southwest Realty Advisors to anybody."

-David M.; Ft. Hood, Texas

" We have teamed up with Reed/SW Realty as our company broker and love the independence and freedom we receive from his sponsorship, yet appreciate the support he makes available to us. He always makes himself readily available to answer any questions and give advice. A wonderful business model for those desiring to run a full service real estate firm without the pressure or quota from a traditional firm."

-Candace S.; Dallas, Texas
Frontier Residential & Commercial Properties, LLC

" Working with Reed allowed me to get a jump start on forming my company prior to obtaining my broker's license. Throughout his sponsorship Reed was always there to provide me with the support and guidance I needed. I recently obtained my own broker's license and the transition with me as the head broker was seamless. I value the work relationship we formed and still stay in touch with Reed from time to time when I have tricky question or two and still value his continued guidance."

-Brennan E.; Amarillo, Texas
Cold Iron Real Estate Group, LLC

" I appreciate the ability to run my own company yet still have the broker support I need that Reed provides. Recently he was able to help me overcome some issues that arose with another agent from a listing I had. Without his help we wouldn't have gotten the issue resolved. His timely responsiveness and support are wonderful attributes that are refreshing. "

-Rita J.; Houston, Texas
Encore Feature Properties, LLC

" Working with Reed has been a blessing for my company. He is knowledgeable, friendly and always available for anything that I need. His low monthly fees and structure for the LLC set up is allowing me to bring on two new agents this year and continue to grow my business. I could not have done this without his guidance and friendship. I will always be grateful for the service that Reed provides."

-Tanner G; Dallas, TX
GoffCo Realty, LLC

" I am working as a salesperson for Smart Path Realty, LLC based out of Austin, TX. I got my DBA per Reed's instruction as Tom Ashworth Real Estate and this program has made me feel FREE of the big Real Estate Companies. No more splitting my hard earned commissions, no more paying for desk fees (that I don't use), no more franchise fees, etc….Even if you are a new agent, I think this is a smart move."

-Tom Ashworth; Burnet, TX

" I have worked with Reed Coleman as my Broker for nearly 2 years now and have nothing but great things to say about him. The working relationship is extremely easy and un-intrusive and Reed is always available on short notice if I need to ask him a question. As an experienced real estate agent he is very helpful when those occasional tricky issues crop up and always knows how to assist. If you are an experienced agent who is considering creating your own brokerage and looking for sponsorship you should consider working with Reed. More importantly, Reed is quick to respond and incredibly supportive. This has been a dream come true! It may be the single best business decision you will ever make - It was for me."

-Tammie Brown
Bonafide Realty, LLC

" I have been working with Reed as my Broker since April, 2013. He has been extremely helpful through my journey. He answers inquiries quickly and responds to email in a timely manner. I enjoy the fact that I have direct access to Reed whenever needed. I can pick up the phone and call him directly. I am very happy that I chose Southwest Realty Advisors, LLC to sponsor me until I obtain my Broker license!"

-Jessica Andrade

" The most important attribute for a broker is to be accessible and to offer sound guidance when needed. I have found Reed Coleman very accessible and he has been there to support any questions that have surfaced with good guidance."

-Rick Donnelli
Donnelli Realty LLC

“Reed Coleman and his Broker Services allowed me the opportunity to catapult my own business. Reed has always been ready and willing to help and answer any questions I may have and is a cornucopia of information in the Real Estate industry. I highly recommend anyone to take their career to the next level by utilizing the services Reed has to offer.”

-Mikki McDougall

" I Was in a situation where I had to make an immediate decision on a sponsoring Broker that would support me using a dba. I went with Reed Coleman on faith and instinct and I’ve never looked back. Reed Coleman is an exceptional Broker that’s reliable, consistent, and can count on him for his dependability of judgment. Thank you Reed for all that you do – truly appreciated!!"

-Tracy E.; San Antonio, TX

" We have been working with Reed for over three years. He sponsor's our LLC broker license with TREC. Anytime we ever need him he is always there. He take's care of business promptly and professionally !! I would highly recommend his services to anyone in the Real Estate business."

- James F. ; Houston, TX
Next Step, LLC

“When we were looking to start our own brokerage, Reed Coleman was the best choice.  He was extremely easy to contact and work with.  Reed told us every step we needed to take.  When we needed advice from our broker, Reed was more than happy to help out.  Being able to only pay a monthly fee helped tremendously as well.  Our commission could be used to grow our business!  We are very thankful for Reed and the service he provides!"

Chad and Ashley Walling, New Ulm, TX
Austin County Real Estate, LLC

“I would like to take the Opportunity to recommend Texas agent sponsors and Reed Coleman to anyone looking for a dedicated broker. Reed has been 100% supportive on any situation I have encountered and also keeping our Brokerage up to TREC standards . If your looking to make the move the time is now and Reed and his company is where you want to be 
Thank You Texas agent Sponsors and Reed Coleman”

-Ryan Cardoza and Integrity Real Estate Group LLC  Odessa TX

"I’m a full-time investor and I only use my license to run comps and intermittently for listings where my leads want full market value. Reed is the perfect Broker for someone in that situation because you can keep costs low and still have access to a knowledgeable, responsive Broker when you need guidance. After nearly three and a half years with Reed I’ve come across an opportunity to own my own brokerage and expand the primary side of my business, but if that weren’t the case I would stay with Reed indefinitely. I have zero complaints from my time with him and I would highly recommend Reed to anyone that wants to be in control of their own future."

-Greg Owen
Dallas Texas

"I met Reed Coleman through a recommendation of another Realtor and I think that was the best decision my wife and I have made. I highly recommend Reed Coleman for any Realtor that has experience in the business and wants the complete freedom from their Broker. His response was always immediate and always available. Creating my LLC was easy because Reed assisted me every step along the way, Thank You for everything!"

Andres Lopez
Hacienda Texas Realty

“It’s been a professional pleasure to have Reed Coleman serve as our Corporate Broker for several years now. Reed is always available to us, seven days a week, if any question or problem arises, to promptly assist us with all of our broker matters. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his agency."

Joshua Smith, CEO
Capwood Realty, LLC